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PostSubject: RECRUIT   RECRUIT Icon_minitimeSun May 16, 2010 7:05 pm

My character name is gogorat. since i started playing i chose soldier and attempted to survive. i was rescued after a month of attempting to find a building that wasnt EHB. the rescuer brought me to a police station located in yagoton. it was quickly attacked and all my new peers died. i was the only one left alive and was able to procure hundreds of ammuniton. my sister joined the game but her current wherabouts are unknown. last i checked she was searching for a group called "FOX HOUND". but ever since the police station incident and my missing sister ive been on a rouge quest hopping police station to police station, procuring rediculous amount of ammunition for days and then pickng fights with groups of up to 7-10 zombies. as of right now i have 2 fully loaded dual shot guns and 4 loadeed pistols along with about 8 additional magazines. one day a month ago i got a radio signal from a military base.. there was a military base!! i attempted to search for it but when i came to your base it was destroyed. ever since then ive been stationed at pitneybank just east of the fort collecting ammunition to try to maybe take it back just very recently found out that the base was reclaimed and will either be there tonight or tomorrow. and hopefully if this group is still active and you actually read this. then i hope to meet you face to face really soon.
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